Job shadowing reflecting

  1. What I learned from job shadowing was that it is convenient for us because we learn if we really want this job. It was a really good experience
  2. I think I did decent, I was nervous to present but at the end, I got it over with. My presentation was okay I just needed to elaborate more.
  3. Being more express with my presentation. Having more confidence.
  4. I could have put in more information about this career. Maybe explain some of the pictures and added more facts about managing.
  5. I wish I would have been louder and had actual pictures with the person I job shadow.

Social Issue Argument

My Social Issue is if whether it should be illegal to burn the American flag
This is a social issue because it intervenes with politics and media. People disagree on whether it shouldn’t be illegal to burn the American flag because everyone has the right to do whatever they like with its own responsibilities.
My proposed solution is that everyone has the right of freedom of speech and freedom of self act. Meaning I go with the side in which it shouldn’t be illegal to burn the American flag. I think this is the best solution because even though it can be disrespectful and dangers everyone has the right to express however they feel.
The pros in this solution would be that it shouldn’t be illegal to burn the American flag.
some cons to this argument could be that a person who burns the flag can be sent to jail. Another one could be to get a ticket or fine by the right amount of money Or community service.

Do you think it should be illegal to burn a flag?

Have you ever seen or experience a situation like this?


Play-Doh Creation

This play-doh creation represents how I want to be a traveler and travel around the world. This item is a plane. I want to be an explorer and travel around the world and see what new things the world brings me. I want to go on a journey to new places and new cultures. This is why I sculpture a plane, to bring me new joys and adventures. I have been on an airplane, my first time was last year when I went to Mexico. It was scary but pretty exiting at the same time. I loved how the view looked and more how it looked from night time. I’ve seen some pretty wonderful places on the internet in which I want to see. I hope my dream to go to this places come true. I want to explore more than the world. I want to explore new cultures, new foods, and new people. This sculpture represents how the life of me wants to be an airplane and how I want to explore the new beginnings of my new chapters. I’ve seen the sculptures of my fellow classmates and thing they have their own different ways of representing there own type of way of life. I’ve learned a lot from them and their personal things. I like how they created there own creative forms of something that is part of their life. I enjoy the way life is right now and the wonderful things it has given me and my family.


This word cloud is explaining that an idea cannot only be an expression but a whole bunch of thing. This words all have something in common, not only do they have the same meaning but they share signification which is IDEA. This words describe me by showing me that an idea can be generated in many ways. The meaning of each word in this word cloud has a specific meaning. The way that it can be explained can be by e simple idea.